Wacky Kids Entertainment Website Design


Convert unqualified or “cold” traffic into enquiries fast!

wackykidsentertainment.co.za was created as a specialist lightweight (landing) website to handle paid traffic from Google Adwords.


The behaviour of visitors from paid traffic sources is different to someone who may have seen you at another party or have been given your business card.

Paid traffic visitors are looking for information fast, they will be comparing your services with other advertisers so the purpose of the site is to convert the visitor quickly.

The layout, design and wording used on this site is very different to the type of copy that would be used on a main website and it is optimised to get lookers to fill out an enquiry form


Proof of conversion rate on the Wacky Kids website design

This client saw the conversion rate on his Adwords campaign jump from 5% conversion to 46.38%, now that’s what I call an improvement. This website has generated 245 enquiries in the last 6 months.

Try for yourself

Do you have paid traffic coming to your website? If so, take a look at your conversion rate of ‘click-to-enquiry‘ and ask yourself if you are getting the best bang for your buck.


Wacky Kids Entertainment Website Design