The Money Shot

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Marketing With Images to Get More Bookings

80% of what your potential booker remembers when they visit your website is visual. This means your images, graphics and the videos are your most effective tools to covert browsers into bookers. Let’s face it, if someone visits your site and leaves without making contact with you, chances are they are not going to book you. This book shows you how to maximise conversions using a tried and tested formula that costs pennies to implement.

Money-shot-lecture-by-Ken-Kelly-book-coverThe Money Shot book will show you how to get more bookings by using the same psychological principles used by top marketing agencies.

Gain the advantage in your market by understanding why bookers book.
Learn how psychology influences a person’s booking decision and how you can sway that in your favour.
Find out how to get professional pictures of you performing for your website for mere pennies.
Discover the secret to getting permission to use photos from gigs on your website.

Who Wrote the Money Shot Book?

Colette Kelly is a kids entertainer with a special skill. Colette has been photographing magic shows and magicians for over a decade and, together with her husband Ken Kelly, she discovered a formula for catching the emotion of the show in an image and using that emotion to convert lookers into bookers.

Ken Kelly is a digital marketing specialist and he helps performing artists run their businesses smarter and increase their conversion rate on bookings.
Ken helps people just like you get more gigs.
Ken and Colette have used the Money Shot formula on their own website and the increase in conversions is astonishing.

The Money Shot Book – Get it now!

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You are protected by our 60 day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.
If you feel the Money Shot book does not deliver outstanding value and techniques that you can use, you simply let us know and we will gladly refund your money. No quibble and no questions asked.

In the Money Shot book you will learn about

  • Why bookers don’t want to book a magic show
  • Cute aggression, the concept and how to use its power
  • What the money shot is
  • How to get the money shot
  • How to use the money shot to get bookings
  • How to find a professional photographer for a low price

Your Bonuses

The Money Shot book is not just about the what, it’s about the how and that’s why your Money Shot book ships with a whole pile of bonuses that help you implement your new learning.

You get your Money Shot book packed with high resolution pictures, full explanations and evidenced techniques that will help you increase your bookings.

3 HD videos showing you

  • How to get more from the camera you already have
  • How to get great pictures for your website for FREE
  • How to create great looking graphics with No Experience and at No Cost

You also get access to the secret gallery

The secret gallery is a gallery of must have shots that you need as a kids and family entertainer. The gallery shows you exactly what pictures work so that you know what you are looking for when you get images from your performance.

Custom Made PNG images you can use on your website

You also get 24 custom mage PNG images special designed for kids and family entertainers. ‘Call to action’ buttons and emotive text graphics that are proven to get more clicks than simple text links. You cannot buy graphics like this, they have to be specially made. Value $24.99

So to recap, you get…

  • The Money Shot Ebook. Value $35.00
  • 3 HD tutorial videos teaching you the technical aspects of getting emotive pictures. Value $17.99
  • Access to the secret gallery with all the shots laid out for you. Value $10.99
  • Usage rights for 24 custom made PNG graphics. Value 24.99


You also get a model release form that you can download and use to get permission to use pictures of kids at your shows.


You get a full photographers brief written by a professional photographer who is a kids entertainer.
This brief is a blueprint that you can give to any photographer and you will be assured of them getting the shots that work.

Thats a whole pile of value totalling over $85 and you can grab it today for a limited offer of only $19.99

Moneyshot ebook sales-button

You are protected by the 60 day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee which means no risk to you. If you feel the Money Shot book does not deliver outstanding value and techniques that you can use, you simply let us know and we will gladly refund your money. No quibble and no questions asked.