Pre School Master Plan Website Design


Create a membership website to deliver an online training course. The website needs strong visual branding and design keeping with the topic and theme.

The Pre School Master Plan (PSMP) website is accessible through membership and the training is delivered through 45 HD videos. Security and password protection is essential as access is granted when the course has been purchased. Speed is essential to load the videos quickly. The members are navigated easily as they progress through the course.
6 Modules covers the various topics taught in the course. The website also supports comments so that the members can be interactive and connect with other members and share there experiences as they progress through the course.

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Try for yourself

If you want to know more about the Pre School Master Plan, go and have a look at the video on the landing page of

You will only be able to access the Pre School Master Plan website membership area once you have purchased the course.

Here is a sneak peak of what it looks like inside.

Pre School Master Plan Case study