Copywriting for your website

Magic Words

The way we communicate online is sometimes the last thing we entertainers have time to think about! However, if you fail to have well-written copy on your website, you’re not only going to miss out on sales, you run the risk of putting off potential customers with rushed or poorly written words.

Muse Webiste Design copywriting-1What is copywriting?

It’s common to think that copywriting is about fixing poor sentence structure, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. All of these things, of course, are important, but a good copywriter should be able to do more than that.

Converting readers into customers

A good copywriter should transform your readers into customers; convincing them to take action by filling in your quotation/availability form or picking up the phone.

Why Muse copywriting works

We work very closely with a professional copywriter, who has experience in writing web copy for the children’s entertainment industry.

We’ve worked with children’s entertainers for years. In fact, we’ve had twenty-five years of being children’s entertainers ourselves! So together, we make a formidable team, equipped to deliver copy that converts!

What can we do for you?

Many children’s entertainment websites have very similar copy, and there is nothing that differentiates them from other entertainers in their local area. Of course, we know that’s not true. We know that you are different, and that what you have to offer is exciting and unique. And that’s why our copy differs vastly from one client to the next.

Taking the focus away from you.

Muse Wesbite design professional-copywriting

Another common error that entertainers make is that the main focus of their web copy is on them, rather than the potential client. We reverse that thinking. We like to highlight what a magical time the children will have and talk about the memories that will last forever.

Saving you time, increasing your sales…

Creating website copy can be a chore at best – especially when you’re busy! We can take the strain off you by crafting creative, original copy that does the job of converting your readers into customers.

Along with a brand new, dream website, why not have fabulous copy too? Giving you the ultimate platform to deliver a booked-up-diary all year round!

What’s included?

We price per web page. Each web page includes the following…

  • 300-500 words of original and creative copy
  • Fully edited and checked for spelling/grammar/punctuation
  • Crafted in your brand’s ‘voice’
  • Copy created with search engines in mind